Outbound call center operators make money by calling people that have requested information and some do cold calling. These positions might be for conducting interviews, setting appointments for the client or calling people that requested information about a certain product or service. Can you make money as an outbound call center operator? Can you choose your own hours? Do you need a dedicated phone line? Who pays for the calls I make?

These are all questions the work at home moms ask when they hear someone talk about working as a telephone operator calling people. Yes, you can make money and you can choose the hours you work for the most part. Many outbound call centers conduct interviews for clients. Some do cold calling to sell a product or service for a client. Some even call and set up appointments for clients to meet with the parties.

Most of the outbound call centers require a dedicated phone line with free long distance. Some will allow you to use a Void phone system through your computer. Skype is a popular phone system, but it all depends on the company you are working for at the time. The hours that you work will depend on the location that the calls are being made to and the subject of the calls.

Is cold calling for you? That answer is one you have to decide on before you even apply for an outbound call operator. If you take a job selling something and work for commission, you have to have a good voice that can sell anything. This is not a job for someone that is intimated or takes no for an answer easily. However, cold-calling jobs that require you to interview people are different. Most people will respond rather well if it is something they are concerned about or want to be heard on.

Your office setup has to be free from distractions and you will need to have a reliable computer that meets the company’s requirements. This means that if you have kids or dogs running around barking, you must distance yourself from the distractions. If you can work at night when everything is calm, then an outbound call operator job would work for you. This, however, will depend on what hours the company has available.

If you have experience with cold calling or working as an outbound call operator, you will find that these jobs are easy to do. You will enjoy the benefits of working at home and if the company pays a base rate plus a commission, you will have no problem making a living in the comfort of your own home. You do however have to choose the company that offers a base pay. Some do and some only offer a commission. This is something that you have to consider when applying for the job.

If you have experience and really want to work at home so you can stay close to the kids then maybe an outbound call center operator is right for you. Before you commit to one particular company, you should check all the companies that have positions for this type of work. You will find over fifty very good companies that hire work at home moms and dads.

Some offer training and some will just send you the materials needed to start doing business. Some will require you to sign in to their website to conduct business and some will require weekly updates. Choose a company that you feel comfortable with to make the job more enjoyable.

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